The Turtle Island Project: A Bridge Between Cultures

The non-profit Turtle Island Project, based along the shores of Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, was co-founded in August 2007 by Rev. Dr. Lynn Hubbard and Rev. Dr. George Cairns.

The goals of the Turtle Island Project include promoting respect for the environment, Native Americans and other Indigenous peoples by fighting racism and encouraging clergy of all faiths to speak out against intolerance and spiritual terrorism.

The Turtle Island Project has raised funds to help the White Buffalo Calf Woman’s Society in Mission, South Dakota in their mission to combat the alarming teen suicide and domestic violence problems.

“Spiritual wisdom is not the sole possession of any one people. But rather, wisdom is the recognition of the multicultural and dialogical nature of truth,” Rev. Hubbard said.

“It is the opening of the heart and mind to the genius and insight of the ‘other.’ It is a belief that truth will be found within the collective wisdom of our shared religious experiences, and not solely the possession of one particular tribal or cultural revelation.”

“Christianity must once and for all renounce its religious imperialistic tendencies,” Hubbard said. “That individual Christians must reconsider their anthropocentric anthropologies and rediscover their proper and most natural kinship with all of creation.”

“We need to developed theologies based on the primacy of nature over history, and the subsequent importance of spatial metaphors for envisioning the God /World relationship,” he said.

The Turtle Island Project is developing a “North American Theology.”

“It is just such theologies which are emerging in the Native American Theological community; and it is by listening to their voices, that the possibility of a new North American Theology can emerge, a theology which is truly multicultural, and dialogical in nature, a theology of this place, North America and for this time, the 21st. century,” Hubbard said.

The founders of the Turtle Island Project believe residents of Earth are facing a Kyros moment because of the abuse of the environment.

Kairos is Greek for ‘occasion’ or ‘timing –  the art of seizing the moment – a combination of understood context and proper timing.

The Turtle Island Project was founded to encourage people to find a renewed respect for the planet, nature, wildlife and fellow humans.

From native plants to Indigenous peoples, the world’s residents – and especially Americans – are not being good stewards to the planet given to us by God.

Turtle Island Project co-founder and board chairman Rev. Dr. George Cairns says we can learn a lot from Earth-based cultures like the Celts and Native Americans.

Turtle Island Project main website:

Turtle Island TV (blipTV)

Turtle Island TV (youtube)

Turtle Island (myspace)

Turtle Island Project websites/Blogs:


White Buffalo Calf Woman Society:

Solastalgia is a new term coined by Glenn Albrecht to describe profound sadness over the effects of the long-term drought in Australia
Glenn Albrecht, environmental philosopher at The University of Newcastle:

2 Responses to The Turtle Island Project: A Bridge Between Cultures

  1. I typed in, but was told your web page cannot be displayed. Can you advise or redirect me?

    • Hello Mr. Joshua M Seidle,

      Thanks for asking about Turtle Island Project website.
      It is currently down but will be relaunched soon.
      Co-founder Rev, Dr. Lynn Hubbard recently left northern Michigan to become ex. dir. of the Navajo Lutheran Mission in remote Rock Point, Arizona.
      In fact I just returned from a visit to his new digs.
      Sometime this fall we will have a new webserver for the Turtle Island Project website.

      Yesterday I set up our new Navajo Lutheran Mission word press blog:
      main website for Navajo Mission:

      Rev Hubbard is doing a “mission in reverse” – changing the way things are done – and while it’s Lutheran Mission he strongly feels that all Indigenous people should be proud of their heritage, culture and tribal beliefs.
      He will be promoting this type of ministry – encouraging Navajo to congtinue or return to their roots.
      I hope I am explaining this in an understandable way.

      We have Turtle Island Project sites on youtube and bliptv

      Thank you for your interest – if I can answer questions or help in anyway please don’t hesitate to ask – or call 906-401-0109

      fyi the other arm of the Turtle Island Project is celtic Christianity and learning from the celts the Indgenous peoples in Scotland.
      The founders believe strongly that whites and Christians can & should learn a lot about respecting the earth and other values from Native Americans and other Indigenous people.

      Greg Peterson, Michigan news reporter and volunteer media advisor for the Turtle Island Project

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